Finding the Spot November 2010
  For a few years we had been planning to get out of the rat race of urban living with all it's wastefullness and inefficiencies - not to mention high and escalating living costs. One of our options we were considering was to rent and develop an area of Houtpoort 392-6 from my sister Cheryl but after hearing that portion 8 was already a subdivision and the present owner's arm could be twisted to sell, we had to take a look. On Sunday the 7th November we took a walk through the forest and around the little 8.5 ha section and immediately fell head over heals for it.
Our first walk through the forest      

It had everything we would ever want to follow our planned future self sustainable lifestyle. The Heidelberg south area had excellent underground water and we were confident we would find a fault in which to drop a borehole. The red soil had good texture and the forest would provide more wood energy than we could ever use. And the secluded grassland area behind the forest would do perfectly for the homestead and small scale crop planting.

The eucalyptus and black wattle forests through the middle of the property hadn't been touched for many years and had obviously been ravaged by fire a few times over the past decade, the most recent being the previous winter so all the undergrowth had just started growing again after the spring rains and everything just looked so clean, neat and tidy.

An extra bonus was that a game fence had recently been erected around Houtpoort 392 portion 6 and surrounding farms and the enclosed area was being stocked with game. There was also a lockable entrance gate to the tarred road in the game fence.

The following weekend we walked up the hill and viewed the area from the top. We had no idea where the boundary markers were or the exact size of the property but those details were not important at that point. We signed the offer to purchase on the 23rd.

  During the next two months we gathered together all the money we could to pay for the farm. What we didn't want was to have the property bonded and the related overheads. I still don't know how we got it all together but we managed it!