Gearing Up February 2011
  In order to make a bit of an impression on the grass before winter set in we bought ourselves a petrol weed wacker. Martie burned the first one out on the first weekend and we had to exchange it for a bigger (and more expensive) one. This one did the job and we got down to some serious grass cutting along the front game fence.

We also bought our petrol chainsaw which really made the chopping up of logs into more manageable sizes a lot easier than the handsaw we were using.

  Officially Ours!
  Yippee!!! Got notification from the lawyers that on the 8th the transfer of ownership had gone through and the farm was officially ours.

  Boundary Markers  
  We immediately got a land surveyor in to find the farm boundary markers. It was very interesting to find the front boundary pegs were over on the other side of the tarred road, the eastern boundary line had a slight kink in it (we suspect to make the 8.5653 ha property exactly 10 morgan) and the entrance road we were using was not even on the property! The summer rains made that entrance road a messy operation to get through to the back of our property anyway so we started planning a new entrance road through our section of the forest along the boundary line.
The entrance road after a thunderstorm the day before