More Grass Cutting, Cleaning Up and Birds July 2011

We spent most of the month clearing grass and branches along the property borders to aid firefighting when the inevitable veldfires start.

We also started a bird feeding program near our campsite using all our old fruit and bread and lots of Masked Weavers the Bulbuls have become regular visitors. A surprise visitor one day was the Cardinal Woodpecker and we have the White-fronted Bee-eaters pass through fairly often.


Cardinal Woodpecker

White-fronted Bee-eaters

Dark-capped Bulbul
  Winter Sunsets and Sundowners on the Hill

We have such stunning winter sunsets up here on the Highveld. This is mostly due to all the smoke from faraway veldfires hanging in the air and we would often take a walk halfway up the hill for sundowners.

A view from the foot of the hill over our neighbour's farm