Poles, Threaded Rods, Nuts and Washers February 2012
East corner poles planted and being lined up

A bit of a boring but very busy month. Most weekends spent getting a system working to plant the poles for the fence and attach the crosspieces.

We started drilling one hole at a time, planting the pole, lining each pole up, compacting the soil back into the hole around the pole to secure it and then drilling holes, cutting the threaded rods, attaching the crosspieces and putting on the washers and nuts before moving on to the next one.

Once we had the system sorted we started doing groups of up to ten poles at a time which got the fence up a lot quicker.


We also purchased more untreated poles for crosspieces - more than enough to finish the entire project. And also managed to break a cutting blade on the post hole drill and had to source and fit a replacement set.

  Locating a Water Source

We also needed to get our water sources located before going too much further with the planning of the farm layout. So one Friday morning I arranged to meet with an old indian diviner named Kahiel from Kilpriver. We took him out to the farm and had a bit of a disappointing and frustrating experience. I didn't really know what to expect and had hopes of him walking the farm with his divining rods and marking points where there would be water. But it seemed he wasn't much of a walker and everywhere we stopped the car (in places I selected that I would have liked the water sources to be located) he got out, held out his divining rods and within meters marked out a spot where he said there was water. His divining rods were definitely working and I could often see the strain on the old man's arms and face. After the experience I just wasn't sure whether water sources would be plentiful and we could just about drill anywhere or whether there was water coincidentally just where we wanted it. We left it at that and decided we needed either a second diviner's opinion or to splash out and employ the services of a geologist.