This is the story of the development of our little farm situated on the southern outskirts of the historical Gauteng town of Heidelberg. It is 8.5 hectares (21 acres) of eucalyptus and black wattle forest with some open grassland and is part of a private game consortium of four larger farms.

Other than some harvesting of it's eragrostis grass, the property hadn't been worked for many years and was basically virgin land. We started off from scratch which suited us fine as we were able to design and lay out the farm just the way we wanted it.

  My name is Derek Marusich and author of this website. I have worked all my life in the IT industry running my own business and my partner Martie has been in administration and more recently taken up baking cakes for our local coffee shops to supplement income. We have two other members of our team, our Border Collies Dakota and Charlie. This farming stuff is very new to us all.

Our aim is to make this farm as self sustainable as possible and to eventually change our lifestyles to that of self-sufficent living. It's going to be a big mindset change for us. But with all the kids now out of the house and with us getting on a bit in years now, I just don't see any future in the suburban lifestyle we are presently living.

I'm also no mechanical, construction or agricultural expert but I'm doing constant reading and research into these subjects and the latest technologies available. I'm fairly practical and in tackling some of the more ambitious projects necessary to make this farm work we're bound to make some mistakes. Hopefully everyone keeping up with this website can learn from many of them.

I hope you enjoy reading our adventures and about each of our projects in getting the farm up and running. Please feel free to contribute with advice, criticisms and comments.


Below is a map of the farm and a short description of all the relevant features:


     R - Tarred road from Old Durban Road to Rensburg

     G - Entrance Gate on the Rensburg Road

     B1 - 1st Borehole Site and Pump House Site

     B2 - 2nd Borehole Site

GF - Game Fence borders

LF - Log Fence borders

H - Building site for Garages & House

OR - Old Entrance Road

NR - New Entrance Road


     The main forested area running through the centre of the property is eucalyptus,
     the distinctly darker patch along the north border is black wattle.


This website will be updated regularly with timeline info, projects as they develop, new fauna and flora identified and useful links as we come across them. So please visit often.

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