Mother Earth News

Approaching environmental problems from a down-to-earth, practical, simple living, how-to standpoint, Mother Earth News is a pioneer in the promotion of renewable energy, recycling, family farms, saner agricultural practices, better eating habits, medical self-care, more meaningful education and affordable housing. Well worth signing up for their free newsletter.

Gauteng Smallholder

Gauteng's leading information and advertising source for the smallholder. You can read articles from the magazine online for free and sign up as a member to join the discussion groups.

The Sifford Sojournal

The blog of David and Susan Sifford from Santa Anna, Texas. Lots of interesting projects and experiences on living off the land. Also some interesting insights into the Amish way of living.

Tony Lopes' Low Tech Projects

Antonio Lopes, living in Johannesburg, South Africa, shares some simple low tech and sustainable solutions from information and experience from the internet, books, friends and making mistakes.


Interesting Local Farming Stuff. Website blog with forum and links.



South Africa's premier heirloom seed online store.


The Wood Heat Organization Inc.

So you thought making a fire is simple. Like any other human endeavor, wood heating can be done badly or well. Firewood can be harvested poorly, burned dirty and its heat wasted. The harmful behaviour of those who burn wood badly has led to continual attacks in the media on the whole idea of residential wood heating. Learn the responsible use of wood as a home heating fuel.

Rumford Fireplaces

If you're thinking of building your own fireplace or having problems with your existing fireplace, this is a great starting point to get to grips with the basics. There are plans and instructions for basic fireplaces and also covers cooking fireplaces and bake oven design.

Atmospheric Optics

Not really about self sustainability but here for those that look upwards often with an appreciation for nature's everyday wonders that can be seen in our skies. Darryn Schneider explains in simple terms the amazing effects of light and colour in our atmosphere.

Biodiversity Nature

Involved in biodiversity conservation for well over 20 years, Warren Schmidt has witnessed an incredible loss of habitat during this time. Through showcasing our diversity through photography, he hopes to instil a much greater appreciation of the diversity, complexity and interrelationships between animals, plants, humans and the environment of which we are all intrinsically linked.

Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery

South Africa’s oldest and best known indigenous nursery offering a large choice of plants that are indigenous to southern Africa or are of southern African origin.

Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve Association

Looking after the largest proclaimed nature reserve in the Johannesburg Metropolitan area (About 680 ha. in extent). It is very aptly referred to as Johannesburg’s Jewel of the South. Website has a wealth of nature and conservation information.

Khanyisa Healing Garden

Project originator and manager, Jean-Francois Sobiecki is a natural medicines healer, ethnobotanist and research associate with the Centre for Anthropological Research (CfAR) University of Johannesburg. His main research focus is psychoactive medicinal plants, cross-cultural healing and holistic medicine.

Smart Gauge

SmartGauge Electronics is heavily involved in the field of marine and automotive power systems. Their website's Technical Info section is a very worthwhile reference for DC battery powered systems - and all the technical stuff is very nicely explained in simple plain english.

Joseph Jenkins Inc.

Jenkins' Humanure Handbook is well worth reading for those looking to a sustainable solution to the future. Also worth reading is his Balance Point - Searching for a Spitiual Missing Link where he deals with some of the most serious and vital ecological issues of our times.

SA Quail Breeders

Great website for useful poultry breeding information. Also a supplier of incubators, brooders, cages and anything else you would need to breed poultry. Particularly informative "Breeding Guidelines" section.

Roots 'n' Shoots

Urban homesteading & kitchen vegetable gardening in South Africa. Practical gardening tips not readily available from books, but comes with experience - and some science too!

Sustain Me

The personal journey of a Joburg resident to get back to her soul and start thinking for herself after suffering from modern living burnout. It is an information sharing site to document the journey of waking up to how the world really works - and doing something about, because one person can make a difference!

The Green Times

Green Times is a social enterprise focused on climate change and other environmental news with a particular focus on creative and constructive solutions. They are dedicated towards youth and adult education to support effective mitigation and adaptation to the challenges of our time.